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Residential solar
At Powerplus Solar, it’s our mission to provide Cantabrians with the many benefits of solar power – for your home, your wallet, and our planet. Because solar power is a free, inexhaustible and sustainable source of pure energy, it’s a perfect solution to all your modern-day power needs.
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Who we are
+ What we do
Powerplus started out 34 years ago as a small, family-run business of electrical experts, dedicated to providing the full suite of electrical services to our clients. At Powerplus Solar, we’re now proud of the full service we offer as installers of quality solar systems across Canterbury.
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Let's get started on your solar journey
Our mission is to provide you with the many benefits
of solar energy, so you can make use of the sun's free energy for all your power needs.
We offer the full service
We provide comprehensive client consultation to ensure the design fits with your vision. Install and provide repairs for peace of mind.
We give honest advice
We can advise you on what you need to consider at the building stage for any future solar installation.
We're locally owned
Powerplus Solar is a family business, locally owned and operated right here in Canterbury.
We're certified electricians
Our team can also provide cost effective quality workmanship for any electrical needs you may have.
How much you can save with solar depends on a number of factors.
- The size of the solar system
- How much power your household uses
- The efficiency of your solar system
- Whether you have solar batteries or not
- How much sunshine your solar panels receive

If you have a large, highly efficient battery-integrated solar system in a sunny part of New Zealand with low power consumption, you may even be able to cut your costs entirely, relying completely on solar power!

For the average solar power user, however, a typical solar power system can save you over 50%of your power bill, depending on your system.

It’s also important to remember that it isn’t always just about how much you ‘save’ with solar power. Due to solar buyback programmes with local utility companies, you may even be able to sell your excess power back to the grid for a profit!
Cost efficiency
Relying on solar energy reduces dependence on the grid, translating into substantial savings on electricity bills.
Long lifespan
Solar panels have a long lifespan, typically lasting between 25 to 30 years or more.
Renewable and sustainable
Solar energy is a renewable source of energy, meaning it's sustainable and will not run out.
Zero emissions
Solar energy generates electricity without emitting any greenhouse gases or air pollutants - reducing our carbon footprint.
We're dedicated to using products that revolutionise the way you power your home.
Solar Panels
Our panels are reliable, long-lasting and built tough to withstand New Zealand conditions. Every family and household is different, so it's best to chat to our friendly team about what size system best suits your needs.
Solar inverters are crucial to any residential or solar installation. The best way to think of your solar inverter is like a hub. It performs various functions, but most importantly, it converts solar energy into power,
We work with brands that are efficient, and require minimal maintenance.